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With focus on today's fastest growing world economy, marketinforesearch.com Corp. (MIR), world's premium market information company offers worldwide market research reports and database concerning industry analysis, company profile, trend, products and countries to meet every business intelligence requirements. MIR reflects the ideology of always keeping alive the 'current industry factor' through up-to-date business reports which are always answerable for what client is looking for.

MIR specializes in providing comprehensive collection of online market research reports, conference/events/seminars bookings, country reports, company profiles, latest books and magazines, customized research services offering informative solutions worldwide Since 2012. Over the time, the brand has served to world’s leading corporate firms Our clientele consists of academic organizations, service provider entities, heavy manufacturing industries, financial institutions, trading companies, legal service providers, accounting consultancies and other corporate business executives.

Our database consists of a variety of market research business information reports. We integrate over thousands of online informative reports covering the following industries :

Consumer goods
Company profiles
Energy & resources
Food & drinks
Information Technology
Law & regulation
Metals & minerals
Nuclear energy
Oil & gas
Telecommunications & mobile
Travel & tourism

We also include many country profiles and company reports.

Our knowledgeable research professionals have comprehensive understanding of the publishers’ research and the different types of research in their relevant sectors. We provide you the neutral and quality understanding on what research meets your requirement. We believe in providing you with the best and most accurate product trends or market intelligence analysis of a new or existing market that suits your proper requirements. We offer you a single portal where you can find your necessary research product enabling you to search a variety of sector reports.

Primarily established as an online store with the motive of research needs, MIR has always extended its network with focus to make available range of reports to clients they looking for. This gripping arrangement has always helped MIR’s clients to find right intelligence they needed.

We also do market research or customize report according the client’s detail requirement if he thinks the report cannot meet his demand. Our dedicated team involves world’s leading and qualified analysts and researchers who have in depth practice to understand the global markets and industry.

With all these achievements, MIR is one of the fastest growing online business companies.

Why to choose us?
We at, MIR, provide a single avenue where you will find a large variety and collection of research products to choose, enabling you to select the best possible research product for your business needs. Our extensive search feature and strategically placed category links enable you to decide on the exact product of your choice right away.

You can also send a request for custom market research support and our knowledgeable support team will respond to you via phone, email or fax.

Our market research experts have thorough knowledge of the publishers and the variety of published reports in their respective industries. They provide you with a fair and qualitative insight on which reports will best meet your requirements.

Whether you are looking for new product analysis or competitive study of a new or existing market, MIR has the finest research collection and knowledge to make sure you get the correct report each moment. 

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MIR focus on providing the best solutions to you to assist to keep the latest information on their competitive intelligence sectors. Our Newsletter and Product Notifications Service sends custom updates on the new research offered in your market industry. 

While searching though our products gallery, users can sign up for product notifications via the notifications sidebox which is visible on product pages OR by clicking the checkboxes shown upon checkout-success, which show the products purchased on said order. Checking the boxes and clicking the submit button will opt the purchasing customer in to the notifications for that product. The users’ must have an account on our site for this to work.

Partner with us
With a motive of world’s most excellent market info aggregator, MIR is constantly extending its foot-prints into the global business and research industry. Publishers who want to get involved in working with MIR may find out further information in our reports publishers section.


Have any queries? Simply contact us at any of the below mentioned address. Taking into account your urgency and precious time our research specialists shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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