Beer Market Insights Africa 2015 : In-depth Analysis of Key Companies, Brands, Volume, Value and Segmentation Trends and Opportunities in the Beer Market

Beer Market Insights Africa 2015 : In-depth Analysis of Key Companies, Brands, Volume, Value and Segmentation Trends and Opportunities in the Beer Market

Code: CAN-BSRFMI15 | Published: Oct-2015 | Pages: 661 | Canadean
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Beer Market Insights Africa provides the reader with both quantitative and qualitative analysis of beer markets across the African continent, highlighting opportunities and potential barriers to entry. A brief history of each market and major player is also provided to offer context for current trends and issues.

Key Findings
- Africa will be the fastest growing region, outstripping Asia and Latin America

- Established monopolies within markets are increasingly being challenged

- Brewers are developing products to directly challenge the home brew segment and its yielding good results

- Premium beer is outperforming the overall market

An Executive provides an overview of the region. The prevailing economic conditions and a brief history of the regions brewing is discussed and likely future developments are discussed and opportunities highlighted along with probable barriers. Regional data tables providing data for consumption, productions, imports and exports are provided covering 2009-2015F, population data is also provided.

Each market is then addressed and includes the following

A key facts table based on 2014 data (including top line volume, per capita consumption, CAGR, Market value, price segmentation)

Market commentary covering current and emerging trends

A series of data tables (based on 2014 unless otherwise stated);

- Top 10 beer brands volumes (2012-2014)

- Top 10 international premium and superpremium brand volumes 2012-2014

- Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees

- Beer market valuation

- Beer production/trade/consumption 2004-2015F

- Beer production/trade/consumption-growth 2004-2015F

- Beer market valuation by price segment

- Beer consumption by local definition

- Beer consumption by standard price segmentation

- Beer consumption by alcoholic strength

- Beer consumption by type

- Beer consumption by geographic scope

- Beer all trademarks 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer brands by local definition 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer brands by standard price segmentation 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer brands by alcoholic strength 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer brands by type 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Imported brands by origin 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer licensed brands 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer trademark owners 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- Beer local operators 2009-2013 (volume and share)

- Beer leading brewers/importers 2010-2014 (volume and share)

- A series of pie charts (based on 2014 data)

- Leading brewers/importers

- Beer consumption by price segment

- Mini profiles for each brewer of note in the market including contact details, brand volumes and brief comment.

Reasons To Buy
Africa could be considered the most exciting region for brewers and it is certainly the most rapidly growing and this report illustrates where there are opportunities and where there are potential barriers. The markets of Africa will not grow in a homogenous way and this report discusses the markets with greatest potential. This report is essential reading for any company seeking to enter or expand in the African brewing market.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Regional Data Tables
2 Algeria
2.1 Market Commentary
2.2 Beer Data Tables
2.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
3 Angola
3.1 Market Commentary
3.2 Beer Data Tables
3.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
4 Benin
4.1 Market Commentary
4.2 Beer Data Tables
4.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
5 Botswana
5.1 Market Commentary
5.2 Beer Data Tables
5.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
6 Burkina Faso
6.1 Market Commentary
6.2 Beer Data Tables
6.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
7 Burundi
7.1 Market Commentary
7.2 Beer Data Tables
7.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
8 Cameroon
8.1 Market Commentary
8.2 Beer Data Tables
8.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
9 Central African Republic
9.1 Market Commentary
9.2 Beer Data Tables
9.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
10 Chad
10.1 Market Commentary
10.2 Beer Data Tables
10.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
11 Congo (Brazzaville)
11.1 Market Commentary
11.2 Beer Data Tables
11.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
12 Congo (Zaire)
12.1 Market Commentary
12.2 Beer Data Tables
12.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
13 Egypt
13.1 Market Commentary
13.2 Beer Data Tables
13.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
14 Equatorial Guinea
14.1 Market Commentary
14.2 Beer Data Tables
14.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
15 Eritrea
15.1 Market Commentary
15.2 Beer Data Tables
15.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
16 Ethiopia
16.1 Market Commentary
16.2 Beer Data Tables
16.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
17 Gabon
17.1 Market Commentary
17.2 Beer Data Tables
17.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
18 Gambia
18.1 Market Commentary
18.2 Beer Data Tables
18.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
19 Ghana
19.1 Market Commentary
19.2 Beer Data Tables
19.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
20 Guinea
20.1 Market Commentary
20.2 Beer Data Tables
20.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
21 Ivory Coast
21.1 Market Commentary
21.2 Beer Data Tables
21.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
22 Kenya
22.1 Market Commentary
22.2 Beer Data Tables
22.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
23 Lesotho
23.1 Market Commentary
23.2 Beer Data Tables
23.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
24 Liberia
24.1 Market Commentary
24.2 Beer Data Tables
24.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
25 Madagascar
25.1 Market Commentary
25.2 Beer Data Tables
25.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
26 Malawi
26.1 Market Commentary
26.2 Beer Data Tables
26.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
27 Mali
27.1 Market Commentary
27.2 Beer Data Tables
27.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
28 Mauritius
28.1 Market Commentary
28.2 Beer Data Tables
28.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
29 Morocco
29.1 Market Commentary
29.2 Beer Data Tables
29.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
30 Mozambique
30.1 Market Commentary
30.2 Beer Data Tables
30.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
31 Namibia
31.1 Market Commentary
31.2 Beer Data Tables
31.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
32 Niger
32.1 Market Commentary
32.2 Beer Data Tables
32.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
33 Nigeria
33.1 Market Commentary
33.2 Beer Data Tables
33.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
34 Reunion
34.1 Market Commentary
34.2 Beer Data Tables
34.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
35 Rwanda
35.1 Market Commentary
35.2 Beer Data Tables
35.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
36 Senegal
36.1 Market Commentary
36.2 Beer Data Tables
36.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
37 Seychelles
37.1 Market Commentary
37.2 Beer Data Tables
37.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
38 Sierra Leone
38.1 Market Commentary
38.2 Beer Data Tables
38.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
39 South Africa
39.1 Market Commentary
39.2 Beer Data Tables
39.3 Brewer/Importer Porfiles
40 South Sudan
40.1 Market Commentary
40.2 Beer Data Tables
40.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
41 Swaziland
41.1 Market Commentary
41.2 Beer Data Tables
41.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
42 Tanzania
42.1 Market Commentary
42.2 Beer Data Tables
42.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
43 Togo
43.1 Market Commentary
43.2 Beer Data Tables
43.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
44 Tunisia
44.1 Market Commentary
44.2 Beer Data Tables
44.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
45 Uganda
45.1 Market Commentary
45.2 Beer Data Tables
45.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
46 Zambia
46.1 Market Commentary
46.2 Beer Data Tables
46.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
47 Zimbabwe
47.1 Market Commentary
47.2 Beer Data Tables
47.3 Brewer/Importer Profiles
48 Regional Brewer Profiles
48.1 Castel
48.2 Heineken
48.3 SABMiller
48.4 Diageo
49 Appendix
49.1 Disclaimer
49.2 Methodology and Product Definitions
49.3 Map
Societe Nationale des Brasseries/Algerienne de Bavoroise
SARL Tango
Brasseries Star DAlgerie
Companhia Uniao Cervejas de Angola
Societe Beninoise de Brasserie
Kgalagadi Breweries
Brasseries du Burkina
Brarudi SA
SA Des Brasseries du Cameroun
Guinness Cameroun SA
Union Camerounaise de Brasseries
Motte Cordonier Africaine
Brasseries du Tchad
Brasseries du Congo
Brasseries Limonaderies et Malteries
Les Brasseries du Congo
Al-Ahram Beverages Company
Sociedade Equatorial Guinea Bebidas
Asmara Brewery
BGI Ethopia
Meta Abo Brewery
Heineken Ethiopa
Dshen Brewery
Raya Brewery
Habesha Brewery
Societe des Brasseries du Gabon
Banjul Breweries
Guiness Ghana Breweries
Accra Brewery
Societe des Brasseries du Guinea
Societe Limonaderies et Brasseries
Les Brasseries Ivoriennes
Kenya Breweries
Kerocje Breweries
Maluti Mountain Brewery

omrovia Breweries
Brasseries Star Madagascar
Nouvelle Brasseries du Madagascar
Carlsberg Malawi Brewery
Brasserie du Mali
Phoenix Beverages
Stag Beverages
Societe des Brasseries du Maroc
Cervejas de Mozambique
Namibia Breweries
Castle Brewing Namibia
Brasserie du Niger
Nigerian Breweries
Consolidated Breweries
Guiness Nigeria
Pabod Breweries
International Breweries
Intafact Beverages
Brasseries du Bourbon
Societe Reunionnaise de Brasserie
Rennie et Thony Marketing Ocean Indien
Brasseries et Limonaderies du Rwanda
Skol Brewery Limted
Societe des Brasseries du LOuest Africain
Sychelles Breweries
Sierra Leone Brewery
South African Breweries
Brandhouse Beverages
South Sudan Beverages
Swaziland Beverages
Tanzania Breweries
Serengeti Breweries
Brasserie BB Lome
Societe Frigorifique des Boissons de Tunise
Societe Novelles de Brasseries
Nile Breweries
Uganda Breweries
Zambian Breweries
National Breweries

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