Containers and packaging: Global Industry Almanac

Containers and packaging: Global Industry Almanac

Code: ML-ML00020-063 | Published: May-2015 | Pages: 550 | MarketLine
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Global Containers and packaging industry guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market share, market size (value and volume 2010-14, and forecast to 2019). The guide also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market.

Key Findings
- Save time carrying out entry-level research by identifying the size, growth, major segments, leading players in the global containers and packaging
- Use the Five Forces analysis to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of the global containers and packaging market
- Leading company profiles reveal details of key containers and packaging market players global operations and financial performance
- Add weight to presentations and pitches by understanding the future growth prospects of the global containers and packaging market with forecasts
- Compares data from 25 countries globally, alongside individual chapters on each country.

Reasons To Buy
What was the size of the global containers and packaging market by value in 2014?
What will be the size of the global containers and packaging market in 2019?
What factors are affecting the strength of competition in the global containers and packaging market?
How has the market performed over the last five years?
Who are the top competitors in the global containers and packaging market?

Table of Contents

Market value 2
Market value forecast 2
Market volume 2
Market volume forecast 2
Category segmentation 2
Geography segmentation 2
Market share 2
Introduction 38
What is this report about? 38
Who is the target reader? 38
How to use this report 38
Definitions 38
Global Containers and Packaging 39
Market Overview 39
Market Data 40
Market Segmentation 42
Market outlook 45
Five forces analysis 47
Containers and Packaging in Asia-Pacific 54
Market Overview 54
Market Data 55
Market Segmentation 57
Market outlook 60
Five forces analysis 62
Containers and Packaging in Europe 68
Market Overview 68
Market Data 69
Market Segmentation 71
Market outlook 74
Five forces analysis 76
Containers and Packaging in France 82
Market Overview 82
Market Data 83
Market Segmentation 85
Market outlook 88
Five forces analysis 90
Macroeconomic indicators 96
Containers and Packaging in Germany 98
Market Overview 98
Market Data 99
Market Segmentation 101
Market outlook 104
Five forces analysis 106
Macroeconomic indicators 113
Containers and Packaging in Australia 115
Market Overview 115
Market Data 116
Market Segmentation 118
Market outlook 121
Five forces analysis 123
Macroeconomic indicators 129
Containers and Packaging in Brazil 131
Market Overview 131
Market Data 132
Market Segmentation 134
Market outlook 137
Five forces analysis 139
Macroeconomic indicators 145
Containers and Packaging in Canada 147
Market Overview 147
Market Data 148
Market Segmentation 150
Market outlook 153
Five forces analysis 155
Macroeconomic indicators 161
Containers and Packaging in China 163
Market Overview 163
Market Data 164
Market Segmentation 166
Market outlook 169
Five forces analysis 171
Macroeconomic indicators 177
Containers and Packaging in India 179
Market Overview 179
Market Data 180
Market Segmentation 182
Market outlook 185
Five forces analysis 187
Macroeconomic indicators 193
Containers and Packaging in Indonesia 195
Market Overview 195
Market Data 196
Market Segmentation 198
Market outlook 201
Five forces analysis 203
Macroeconomic indicators 209
Containers and Packaging in Italy 211
Market Overview 211
Market Data 212
Market Segmentation 214
Market outlook 217
Five forces analysis 219
Macroeconomic indicators 225
Containers and Packaging in Japan 227
Market Overview 227
Market Data 228
Market Segmentation 230
Market outlook 233
Five forces analysis 235
Macroeconomic indicators 241
Containers and Packaging in Mexico 243
Market Overview 243
Market Data 244
Market Segmentation 246
Market outlook 249
Five forces analysis 251
Macroeconomic indicators 257
Containers and Packaging in The Netherlands 259
Market Overview 259
Market Data 260
Market Segmentation 262
Market outlook 265
Five forces analysis 267
Macroeconomic indicators 273
Containers and Packaging in North America 275
Market Overview 275
Market Data 276
Market Segmentation 278
Market outlook 281
Five forces analysis 283
Containers and Packaging in Russia 290
Market Overview 290
Market Data 291
Market Segmentation 293
Market outlook 296
Five forces analysis 298
Macroeconomic indicators 304
Containers and Packaging in Scandinavia 306
Market Overview 306
Market Data 307
Market Segmentation 309
Market outlook 312
Five forces analysis 314
Containers and Packaging in Singapore 320
Market Overview 320
Market Data 321
Market Segmentation 323
Market outlook 326
Five forces analysis 328
Macroeconomic indicators 334
Containers and Packaging in South Africa 336
Market Overview 336
Market Data 337
Market Segmentation 339
Market outlook 342
Five forces analysis 344
Macroeconomic indicators 350
Containers and Packaging in South Korea 352
Market Overview 352
Market Data 353
Market Segmentation 355
Market outlook 358
Five forces analysis 360
Macroeconomic indicators 366
Containers and Packaging in Spain 368
Market Overview 368
Market Data 369
Market Segmentation 371
Market outlook 374
Five forces analysis 376
Macroeconomic indicators 382
Containers and Packaging in Turkey 384
Market Overview 384
Market Data 385
Market Segmentation 387
Market outlook 390
Five forces analysis 392
Macroeconomic indicators 398
Containers and Packaging in The United Kingdom 400
Market Overview 400
Market Data 401
Market Segmentation 403
Market outlook 406
Five forces analysis 408
Macroeconomic indicators 414
Containers and Packaging in The United States 416
Market Overview 416
Market Data 417
Market Segmentation 419
Market outlook 422
Five forces analysis 424
Macroeconomic indicators 431
Company Profiles 433
Leading companies 433
Appendix 550
Methodology 550
About MarketLine 551

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