Global Carbonates Report 2015 ; Comprehensive Analysis of Trends in the Global Carbonates Market Including Long-term Forecasts

Global Carbonates Report 2015 ; Comprehensive Analysis of Trends in the Global Carbonates Market Including Long-term Forecasts

Code: CAN-GSCS2015 | Published: Oct-2015 | Pages: 1029 | Canadean
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Carbonates have remained the top beverage despite tough competition from packaged water in light of the healthier hydration trend. There was only slight growth and the top five countries as the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and Germany; these countries make up just under half of all volumes sold worldwide. Cola has continued to be resistant to the growth of fruit flavors especially more exotic flavors. In the future western markets could start to see a decline mostly due to people moving away from sugary beverages.

Key Findings
- The war on sugar across many western markets is having a profound effect on the amount of carbonates consumed

- PET continues to be the leading pack type as it is easier for producers to handle and provides better merchandising opportunity

- More people have started dining out of home giving all on-premise numbers a boost especially in QSR as rising cities become a hub for development in this area

- Premium craft carbonates are becoming more popular much like the craft beer segment as people call for local ingredients in small batches

Canadeans Global Carbonates report covering over 80 countries, provides:

- Top line production, import, export and consumption volume from 2009-2014 with forecasts to 2018

- 2013-2014 volume data by segment, flavour, key company, packaging and distribution (on-/off-premise), with 2015 forecasts

- Details of key new product launches in 2014 by company

- Overview of the competitive landscape in the Carbonates market, with analysis of key company performance

- Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the Carbonates market

Reasons To Buy
- The Global Carbonates report allows you to evaluate forecast projections to 2018, enhancing your understanding of the evolving trends and consumption patterns

- The report is arranged by region, with accompanying country profiles giving you a comprehensive view of current and emerging trends and opportunities to support your corporate strategic planning

- Identify the current and emerging trends and future growth opportunities in the global carbonates market to assess the likely impact on your companys performance

- Interrogate the data to understand both the historic and likely future performance of the global carbonates industry by region and country to support your long-term strategic planning

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
2 Global Carbonates Summary
3 Africa Carbonates
3.1 Africa
4 Nigeria Carbonates Category Profile
4.1 Nigeria Carbonates Key Facts 2014
4.2 Nigeria Carbonates Commentary
4.3 Nigeria Carbonates Data Tables
5 South Africa Carbonates Category Profile
5.1 South Africa Carbonates Key Facts 2014
5.2 South Africa Carbonates Commentary
5.3 South Africa Carbonates Data Tables
6 Asia Carbonates
6.1 Asia
7 China Carbonates Category Profile
7.1 China Carbonates Key Facts 2014
7.2 China Carbonates Commentary
7.3 China Carbonates Data Tables
8 Hong Kong Carbonates Category Profile
8.1 Hong Kong Carbonates Key Facts 2014
8.2 Hong Kong Carbonates Commentary
8.3 Hong Kong Carbonates Data Tables
9 India Carbonates Category Profile
9.1 India Carbonates Key Facts 2014
9.2 India Carbonates Commentary
9.3 India Carbonates Data Tables
10 Indonesia Carbonates Category Profile
10.1 Indonesia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
10.2 Indonesia Carbonates Commentary
10.3 Indonesia Carbonates Data Tables
11 Japan Carbonates Category Profile
11.1 Japan Carbonates Key Facts 2014
11.2 Japan Carbonates Commentary
11.3 Japan Carbonates Data Tables
12 Kazakhstan Carbonates Category Profile
12.1 Kazakhstan Carbonates Key Facts 2014
12.2 Kazakhstan Carbonates Commentary
12.3 Kazakhstan Carbonates Data Tables
13 Malaysia Carbonates Category Profile
13.1 Malaysia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
13.2 Malaysia Carbonates Commentary
13.3 Malaysia Carbonates Data Tables
14 Pakistan Carbonates Category Profile
14.1 Pakistan Carbonates Key Facts 2014
14.2 Pakistan Carbonates Commentary
14.3 Pakistan Carbonates Data Tables
15 Philippines Carbonates Category Profile
15.1 Philippines Carbonates Key Facts 2014
15.2 Philippines Carbonates Commentary
15.3 Philippines Carbonates Data Tables
16 Singapore Carbonates Category Profile
16.1 Singapore Carbonates Key Facts 2014
16.2 Singapore Carbonates Commentary
16.3 Singapore Carbonates Data Tables
17 South Korea Carbonates Category Profile
17.1 South Korea Carbonates Key Facts 2014
17.2 South Korea Carbonates Commentary
17.3 South Korea Carbonates Data Tables
18 Taiwan Carbonates Category Profile
18.1 Taiwan Carbonates Key Facts 2014
18.2 Taiwan Carbonates Commentary
18.3 Taiwan Carbonates Data Tables
19 Thailand Carbonates Category Profile
19.1 Thailand Carbonates Key Facts 2014
19.2 Thailand Carbonates Commentary
19.3 Thailand Carbonates Data Tables
20 Vietnam Carbonates Category Profile
20.1 Vietnam Carbonates Key Facts 2014
20.2 Vietnam Carbonates Commentary
20.3 Vietnam Carbonates Data Tables
21 Australasia Carbonates
21.1 Australasia
22 Australia Carbonates Category Profile
22.1 Australia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
22.2 Australia Carbonates Commentary
22.3 Australia Carbonates Data Tables
23 New Zealand Carbonates Category Profile
23.1 New Zealand Carbonates Key Facts 2014
23.2 New Zealand Carbonates Commentary
23.3 New Zealand Carbonates Data Tables
24 East Europe Carbonates
24.1 East Europe
25 Belarus Carbonates Category Profile
25.1 Belarus Carbonates Key Facts 2014
25.2 Belarus Carbonates Commentary
25.3 Belarus Carbonates Data Tables
26 Bosnia-Herzegovina Carbonates Category Profile
26.1 Bosnia-Herzegovina Carbonates Key Facts 2014
26.2 Bosnia-Herzegovina Carbonates Commentary
26.3 Bosnia-Herzegovina Carbonates Data Tables
27 Bulgaria Carbonates Category Profile
27.1 Bulgaria Carbonates Key Facts 2014
27.2 Bulgaria Carbonates Commentary
27.3 Bulgaria Carbonates Data Tables
28 Croatia Carbonates Category Profile
28.1 Croatia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
28.2 Croatia Carbonates Commentary
28.3 Croatia Carbonates Data Tables
29 Czech Republic Carbonates Category Profile
29.1 Czech Republic Carbonates Key Facts 2014
29.2 Czech Republic Carbonates Commentary
29.3 Czech Republic Carbonates Data Tables
30 Estonia Carbonates Category Profile
30.1 Estonia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
30.2 Estonia Carbonates Commentary
30.3 Estonia Carbonates Data Tables
31 Hungary Carbonates Category Profile
31.1 Hungary Carbonates Key Facts 2014
31.2 Hungary Carbonates Commentary
31.3 Hungary Carbonates Data Tables
32 Latvia Carbonates Category Profile
32.1 Latvia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
32.2 Latvia Carbonates Commentary
32.3 Latvia Carbonates Data Tables
33 Lithuania Carbonates Category Profile
33.1 Lithuania Carbonates Key Facts 2014
33.2 Lithuania Carbonates Commentary
33.3 Lithuania Carbonates Data Tables
34 Macedonia Carbonates Category Profile
34.1 Macedonia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
34.2 Macedonia Carbonates Commentary
34.3 Macedonia Carbonates Data Tables
35 Poland Carbonates Category Profile
35.1 Poland Carbonates Key Facts 2014
35.2 Poland Carbonates Commentary
35.3 Poland Carbonates Data Tables
36 Romania Carbonates Category Profile
36.1 Romania Carbonates Key Facts 2014
36.2 Romania Carbonates Commentary
36.3 Romania Carbonates Data Tables
37 Russia Carbonates Category Profile
37.1 Russia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
37.2 Russia Carbonates Commentary
37.3 Russia Carbonates Data Tables
38 Serbia Carbonates Category Profile
38.1 Serbia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
38.2 Serbia Carbonates Commentary
38.3 Serbia Carbonates Data Tables
39 Slovak Republic Carbonates Category Profile
39.1 Slovak Republic Carbonates Key Facts 2014
39.2 Slovak Republic Carbonates Commentary
39.3 Slovak Republic Carbonates Data Tables
40 Slovenia Carbonates Category Profile
40.1 Slovenia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
40.2 Slovenia Carbonates Commentary
40.3 Slovenia Carbonates Data Tables
41 Turkey Carbonates Category Profile
41.1 Turkey Carbonates Key Facts 2014
41.2 Turkey Carbonates Commentary
41.3 Turkey Carbonates Data Tables
42 Ukraine Carbonates Category Profile
42.1 Ukraine Carbonates Key Facts 2014
42.2 Ukraine Carbonates Commentary
42.3 Ukraine Carbonates Data Tables
43 Latin America Carbonates
43.1 Latin America
44 Argentina Carbonates Category Profile
44.1 Argentina Carbonates Key Facts 2014
44.2 Argentina Carbonates Commentary
44.3 Argentina Carbonates Data Tables
45 Bolivia Carbonates Category Profile
45.1 Bolivia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
45.2 Bolivia Carbonates Commentary
45.3 Bolivia Carbonates Data Tables
46 Brazil Carbonates Category Profile
46.1 Brazil Carbonates Key Facts 2014
46.2 Brazil Carbonates Commentary
46.3 Brazil Carbonates Data Tables
47 Chile Carbonates Category Profile
47.1 Chile Carbonates Key Facts 2014
47.2 Chile Carbonates Commentary
47.3 Chile Carbonates Data Tables
48 Colombia Carbonates Category Profile
48.1 Colombia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
48.2 Colombia Carbonates Commentary
48.3 Colombia Carbonates Data Tables
49 Costa Rica Carbonates Category Profile
49.1 Costa Rica Carbonates Key Facts 2014
49.2 Costa Rica Carbonates Commentary
49.3 Costa Rica Carbonates Data Tables
50 Ecuador Carbonates Category Profile
50.1 Ecuador Carbonates Key Facts 2014
50.2 Ecuador Carbonates Commentary
50.3 Ecuador Carbonates Data Tables
51 El Salvador Carbonates Category Profile
51.1 El Salvador Carbonates Key Facts 2014
51.2 El Salvador Carbonates Commentary
51.3 El Salvador Carbonates Data Tables
52 Guatemala Carbonates Category Profile
52.1 Guatemala Carbonates Key Facts 2014
52.2 Guatemala Carbonates Commentary
52.3 Guatemala Carbonates Data Tables
53 Honduras Carbonates Category Profile
53.1 Honduras Carbonates Key Facts 2014
53.2 Honduras Carbonates Commentary
53.3 Honduras Carbonates Data Tables
54 Mexico Carbonates Category Profile
54.1 Mexico Carbonates Key Facts 2014
54.2 Mexico Carbonates Commentary
54.3 Mexico Carbonates Data Tables
55 Nicaragua Carbonates Category Profile
55.1 Nicaragua Carbonates Key Facts 2014
55.2 Nicaragua Carbonates Commentary
55.3 Nicaragua Carbonates Data Tables
56 Panama Carbonates Category Profile
56.1 Panama Carbonates Key Facts 2014
56.2 Panama Carbonates Commentary
56.3 Panama Carbonates Data Tables
57 Paraguay Carbonates Category Profile
57.1 Paraguay Carbonates Key Facts 2014
57.2 Paraguay Carbonates Commentary
57.3 Paraguay Carbonates Data Tables
58 Peru Carbonates Category Profile
58.1 Peru Carbonates Key Facts 2014
58.2 Peru Carbonates Commentary
58.3 Peru Carbonates Data Tables
59 Uruguay Carbonates Category Profile
59.1 Uruguay Carbonates Key Facts 2014
59.2 Uruguay Carbonates Commentary
59.3 Uruguay Carbonates Data Tables
60 Venezuela Carbonates Category Profile
60.1 Venezuela Carbonates Key Facts 2014
60.2 Venezuela Carbonates Commentary
60.3 Venezuela Carbonates Data Tables
61 Middle East, North Africa Carbonates
61.1 Middle East, North Africa
62 Bahrain Carbonates Category Profile
62.1 Bahrain Carbonates Key Facts 2014
62.2 Bahrain Carbonates Commentary
62.3 Bahrain Carbonates Data Tables
63 Egypt Carbonates Category Profile
63.1 Egypt Carbonates Key Facts 2014
63.2 Egypt Carbonates Commentary
63.3 Egypt Carbonates Data Tables
64 Iran Carbonates Category Profile
64.1 Iran Carbonates Key Facts 2014
64.2 Iran Carbonates Commentary
64.3 Iran Carbonates Data Tables
65 Jordan Carbonates Category Profile
65.1 Jordan Carbonates Key Facts 2014
65.2 Jordan Carbonates Commentary
65.3 Jordan Carbonates Data Tables
66 Kuwait Carbonates Category Profile
66.1 Kuwait Carbonates Key Facts 2014
66.2 Kuwait Carbonates Commentary
66.3 Kuwait Carbonates Data Tables
67 Lebanon Carbonates Category Profile
67.1 Lebanon Carbonates Key Facts 2014
67.2 Lebanon Carbonates Commentary
67.3 Lebanon Carbonates Data Tables
68 Oman Carbonates Category Profile
68.1 Oman Carbonates Key Facts 2014
68.2 Oman Carbonates Commentary
68.3 Oman Carbonates Data Tables
69 Qatar Carbonates Category Profile
69.1 Qatar Carbonates Key Facts 2014
69.2 Qatar Carbonates Commentary
69.3 Qatar Carbonates Data Tables
70 Saudi Arabia Carbonates Category Profile
70.1 Saudi Arabia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
70.2 Saudi Arabia Carbonates Commentary
70.3 Saudi Arabia Carbonates Data Tables
71 Tunisia Carbonates Category Profile
71.1 Tunisia Carbonates Key Facts 2014
71.2 Tunisia Carbonates Commentary
71.3 Tunisia Carbonates Data Tables
72 United Arab Emirates Carbonates Category Profile
72.1 United Arab Emirates Carbonates Key Facts 2014
72.2 United Arab Emirates Carbonates Commentary
72.3 United Arab Emirates Carbonates Data Tables
73 North America Carbonates
73.1 North America
74 Canada Carbonates Category Profile
74.1 Canada Carbonates Key Facts 2014
74.2 Canada Carbonates Commentary
74.3 Canada Carbonates Data Tables
75 United States of America Carbonates Category Profile
75.1 United States of America Carbonates Key Facts 2014
75.2 United States of America Carbonates Commentary
75.3 United States of America Carbonates Data Tables
76 West Europe Carbonates
76.1 West Europe
77 Austria Carbonates Category Profile
77.1 Austria Carbonates Key Facts 2014
77.2 Austria Carbonates Commentary
77.3 Austria Carbonates Data Tables
78 Belgium Carbonates Category Profile
78.1 Belgium Carbonates Key Facts 2014
78.2 Belgium Carbonates Commentary
78.3 Belgium Carbonates Data Tables
79 Denmark Carbonates Category Profile
79.1 Denmark Carbonates Key Facts 2014
79.2 Denmark Carbonates Commentary
79.3 Denmark Carbonates Data Tables
80 Finland Carbonates Category Profile
80.1 Finland Carbonates Key Facts 2014
80.2 Finland Carbonates Commentary
80.3 Finland Carbonates Data Tables
81 France Carbonates Category Profile
81.1 France Carbonates Key Facts 2014
81.2 France Carbonates Commentary
81.3 France Carbonates Data Tables
82 Germany Carbonates Category Profile
82.1 Germany Carbonates Key Facts 2014
82.2 Germany Carbonates Commentary
82.3 Germany Carbonates Data Tables
83 Greece Carbonates Category Profile
83.1 Greece Carbonates Key Facts 2014
83.2 Greece Carbonates Commentary
83.3 Greece Carbonates Data Tables
84 Italy Carbonates Category Profile
84.1 Italy Carbonates Key Facts 2014
84.2 Italy Carbonates Commentary
84.3 Italy Carbonates Data Tables
85 Netherlands Carbonates Category Profile
85.1 Netherlands Carbonates Key Facts 2014
85.2 Netherlands Carbonates Commentary
85.3 Netherlands Carbonates Data Tables
86 Norway Carbonates Category Profile
86.1 Norway Carbonates Key Facts 2014
86.2 Norway Carbonates Commentary
86.3 Norway Carbonates Data Tables
87 Portugal Carbonates Category Profile
87.1 Portugal Carbonates Key Facts 2014
87.2 Portugal Carbonates Commentary
87.3 Portugal Carbonates Data Tables
88 Republic of Ireland Carbonates Category Profile
88.1 Republic of Ireland Carbonates Key Facts 2014
88.2 Republic of Ireland Carbonates Commentary
88.3 Republic of Ireland Carbonates Data Tables
89 Spain Carbonates Category Profile
89.1 Spain Carbonates Key Facts 2014
89.2 Spain Carbonates Commentary
89.3 Spain Carbonates Data Tables
90 Sweden Carbonates Category Profile
90.1 Sweden Carbonates Key Facts 2014
90.2 Sweden Carbonates Commentary
90.3 Sweden Carbonates Data Tables
91 Switzerland Carbonates Category Profile
91.1 Switzerland Carbonates Key Facts 2014
91.2 Switzerland Carbonates Commentary
91.3 Switzerland Carbonates Data Tables
92 United Kingdom Carbonates Category Profile
92.1 United Kingdom Carbonates Key Facts 2014
92.2 United Kingdom Carbonates Commentary
92.3 United Kingdom Carbonates Data Tables
93 Population
94 Appendix
94.1 Disclaimer
94.2 Methodology & Product Definitions

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