Chile’s telecom sector is among the most developed in Latin America, with the modern infrastructure supporting a range of services in the fixed-line, digital media and mobile sectors. Full competition in all market segments has been encouraged by an effective regulatory regime. The country’s market-oriented economy has also made it a popular target with both national and international investors.

Fixed-line teledensity peaked in 2001 and has since fallen, a trend which is being pushed by consumer adoption of mobile services for both voice calls and mobile broadband. This has reduced demand for fixed-line infrastructure but led to a steady climb in the use of mobile voice and data services. The leading fixed-line operator remains the incumbent Telefónica Chile, trading as Movistar, while it faces increasing competition from VTR Globalcom, the GTD group, Entel, and Claro.

The Digital Agenda for 2013-2020 has set out a roadmap for the long-term development of Chile’s ICT sector, including five strategic axes and 30 specific initiatives or goals to facilitate telecom access for all Chilean citizens.

Chile’s broadband penetration is relatively high for the region, with solid GDP providing sufficient disposable income for high-end telecom products. The population is also receptive to new technologies, so encouraging operators to develop services based on LTE and fibre-based broadband infrastructure. Broadband access in Chile is now among the fastest and least expensive in Latin America.
The pay TV market is also one of the most mature in the region, with penetration ranking third in South America after Argentina and Uruguay. By mid-2015 over half of all households subscribed to pay TV services.

In the mobile segment high penetration has resulted in slower growth in recent quarters. Movistar and Entel have a similar market share, while Claro accounts for about 24% of the market and a small number of MVNOs together have 3%. Mobile number portability has helped develop competition and reduce prices for consumers.

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