Find out more about how the youngest children in the UK behave, what they are into and how their skills develop. By the time that children reach the age of 5, many attitudes and behaviour patterns are already established. The Childwise Pre-School Report looks at media use and wider experience among pre-school children, as told to us by their parents.

The Childwise Pre-School Report is based on research with 1000 parents of under 5 year olds across the UK.

How the Youngest Children in the UK behave?

The Pre-School Report 2016 covers:
Tablets and computers
Internet and websites
Mobile phones and apps
Gaming and games consoles
Magazines and comics
Favourite toys 
Spending across categories
Skills and activities

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Table of Contents:

‚Äč1. Introduction & Sample

2. Key Findings

3. Access to Media
When do pre-schoolers watch TV?
Do parents watch with them?
Using video-on-demand services
How long do pre-schoolers watch for?
Parental attitudes to viewing time
Which children’s TV channels do they watch?
Which regular TV channels do they watch?
Case Study - Pre-school boy
Favourite TV programmes

Using tablets and computers
Ownership of tablets and computers
When do pre-schoolers use tablet devices?
When do parents join in?
What do pre-schoolers use tablet devices for?
What are their favourite apps and why?
Case Study - Pre-school girl
What websites do they use regularly?

Do pre-schoolers use mobile phones?
Ownership of mobile phones?

Proficiency with touch screen technology

Using a games console?
Ownership of games consoles
When do they use a games console?
Favourite games

What magazines do they enjoy?
How often do parents buy these?

4. Purchasing
Monthly spend on ...
... clothes
... days out
... organised activities
... toys
... footwear
... books
... magazines and comics
... DVDs and Blu-Rays
... apps and games

5. Activities & Skills
Participation in organised activities
Shared activities with parents
What tasks can they carry out themselves?

6. Household Profiles
Who else lives in your house?

7. Appendix